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Melodies for Math

Melodies for Math is an educational initiative that aims to explain K-12 math concepts through song in order to prepare students for STEM related careers. The 21st century faces some of the worst problems in human history, and understanding and appreciating the power of STEM is critical to solving those problems.

However, many public school educational systems have gaps in their teaching methods that turn people away from math. This is a huge problem across the United States and even worldwide. 60% of 4th graders and 66% of 8th graders did not reach the Math Proficiency Level in 2019(according to the NAEP) and 60% of ACT test takers did not reach math proficiency in 2018. This means that more and more students find themselves unprepared to tackle the biggest problems that humanity will ever face.

Music, a language that binds ideas and cultures together, has the potential to solve this problem. Constantly let down by my own school in the past, I scoured the internet looking for a steady series that explained math musically and quickly. Seeing none, I decided to make my own. To help students understand different math concepts, I write, compose, produce, and then sing original songs that I hope will help students approach the service with an open mind.

This initiative comes with 2 services: a steadily updating calculus series tailored to the College Board AP exams (though we are not affiliated with them) and a personalized service where we give you a song based on a topic that users request. Ever since this project began 1 month ago, I am happy to announce steady growth in following and in impact, with over 240 Instagram followers and positive feedback, as well as 2 requests(from Turkey and Canada). My goal with Melodies for Math is to be of huge assistance to teachers, students, and anyone else willing to learn.

To learn more about Melodies for Math, check them out on Instagram.

Written by Swetha Tandri.

*Originally published in April 2020.

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