Our Mission

In the Write is a youth-led community blog devoted to spreading knowledge and understanding through storytelling. We share stories focusing on issues and experiences pertaining to teens and young adults today. We believe that each of our individual stories is just one part of a larger collective story of youth today. Our differences are what make us unique which is why with each story we read our knowledge and understanding of each other only grows. Everyone has a story to tell. We simply provide the space for you to tell it.

Our History

After struggling to find her voice in her school’s newspaper and recently being inspired during a summer journalism camp, Tiffany Leveille decided she needed a place where she could write and create a community of other young storytellers. She wanted to talk about her passions and also give other young people the space to share theirs too. “Storytelling has the power to open eyes to new perspectives and also better our understanding of the world and the people in it. That’s why I decided to create In the Write. So that we can listen to each other and learn from each other.”

How it Works

In the Write is a platform for young storytellers. Teens and young adults send in their writing or artwork and we edit and publish it on our site. All authors and artists keep the copyrights to their works.