Samina Parveen is a teen spoken-word poet from India. Below is one of her poems on body shaming. Midnight eyes mirror the truth,Dusky brown skin echoes the bitternessEchos reciprocate the four wallsAdjectives accustomed to the hearing eardrumFat, large, obese, big, thick.eyes drenched in saline dropletsThe blurry eye looked towards the hip line Stomach growled like […]

If the World Were a Movie

I know a place
That’s always moving
Where there’s something in the air that makes sleep useless

If The World Was A Movie
You would see so many people walk by
And never stop to notice
As if they are just extras
But what if I told you
That they are the movie
We are the movie

Art by Antonia

A message from the artist: I was never understood as a child. I am 16, and I am still not understood. I love art because art has no definition of what is supposed to be or look like. We probably all had that experience where you drew a cat, for example, and you thought it […]

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