Deaf & Sign

Deaf Perspective: A Quiet Place

This post may contain spoilers. ‘A Quiet Place’ from writer and director John Krasinski, was released in 2018 with its much-anticipated sequel ‘A Quiet Place Part II” released in May 2021. Both films follow Deaf protagonist Regan Abbott and her family’s attempt to survive alien creatures that hunt by sound. Many in the Deaf Community […]

A Bridge Between the Hearing & Silent World

For many students, high school is filled with new and exciting things: from prom, to first dances, to Friday night football games. But for Areej, high school was a challenging experience. She recalls being singled out due to her disability and bullied on numerous occasions. Diagnosed with moderate-severe hearing loss at the age of four, […]

Interview with an ASL Interpreter

Interviewer: On your website, you say that you have been involved in the ASL community for nearly 10 years, what sparked your interest in learning ASL? What were the first steps you took to learning? Chris Gorges: My first exposure to sign language was actually in Paraguay in the year 2007. I traveled there to […]

Hearing Loss & Hearing Aids

For me, however, these discrete devices often cause one key dilemma; should I enter into an exchange or conversation telling people that I am hard of hearing, or should I simply wait, and only explain my hearing loss after spending 10 minutes asking them to repeat themselves?

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