Meet the Team

Tiffany Leveille


Founder & Executive Director

Tiffany Leveille founded In the Write in 2020 when she was seventeen years old. A student from Florida, she has always been interested in storytelling. As a former foster youth, she is an advocate for finding new ways to support youth in foster care. In her free time she enjoys playing piano, singing, and learning ASL. She is always on the look-out for a new TV series to binge or a new film to watch.

Madhumitha K.


Director of Writing

Madhu is a 17-year-old student from India. She is still exploring her identity and likes to joke that she is in a constant state of identity crisis and believes that it is okay to not know who you are yet. She joined In The Write because she saw it as a great opportunity to revive her interest in writing. She enjoys dancing, reading, painting, and pursuing new hobbies that keep her busy.

Amirah Khan



Amirah is a student at Baruch College in New York City. She majors in English with a minor in Media and Communications. She has a fierce passion for activism and feminism and hopes to inspire others to become advocates and pursue their passions. She was also the coordinator of In the Write’s Our Lives Matter project.

Miriam Itzkowitz


Editor + Writer

Miriam is a writer and musician from Sydney, Australia. She joined In the Write because she is passionate about raising awareness on issues that are important to her, such as Autism because her brother has Asperger’s, and antisemitism.

Shoeb Khan



Shoeb Khan is a young queer writer who is passionate about social justice and the equality of sexes. In his free time, you can find him watching Korean dramas or reading a book.  
He joined In the Write because he believes in creating change and that everyone deserves to tell their own story.

Akanksha Pai 



Pen and paper have been Akanksha’s best friends since she was a young girl, besides her plants, of course. An avid reader and writer, she joined In the Write because she saw a fun opportunity to grow as a writer and even as a person.

Lucy Burrell



Lucy is a queer fashion student from Australia who has loved writing from a very young age. She joined In the Write to continue with this passion, and to help raise awareness on important topics. 

Rachel H.


Graphic Designer

Rachel is an aspiring graphic designer. Using her skills to design pieces that are inspiring and noteworthy, she is passionate about bringing awareness to issues that aren’t shown in mainstream society.

Liyana I.



Liyana joined In The Write to fuel her passion and love for writing, especially about topics related to current events, women, and teens in modern society. She is a Sri-Lankan from New Jersey and loves to sing, read, and play ukulele, guitar, and piano. She aspires to be a journalist or lawyer one day and will endlessly continue to work hard towards her goals. 

Chantel Meister



Chantel joined In the Write because she has always loved writing and aspires to be a journalist. She is Autistic and has ADHD which gives her a unique view of the world and understanding others with disabilities. She also has a lot of knowledge about her special interests that include: music, TV shows, movies, books, celebrities, as well as Autism and ADHD itself.

Want to work with us?

In the Write depends on collaborations between Gen Z writers, artists, and creatives. Check out some of our contributors below!

Instagram: @dhriti.illustrates

Dhriti Baid

Website Illustrator

Dhriti (she/her) is a 14 year old, self-taught artist from India. She first got into traditional art at the age of 10 and slowly progressed to falling in love with digital art in early 2019. It’s important for her to create meaningful art as she aspires to raise as much awareness as possible through it. She hopes that one day her art can make a difference for the greater good! Dhriti loves frogs and the color sage green!