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What is Antisemitism?

From the Anti-Defamation League. Learn about antisemitism and how to identify it.

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How to Refute Holocaust Denial

From the Jewish Virtual Library. Have you ever heard someone at school deny that the Holocaust occurred? Have you seen Holocaust denial on social media?

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What is Judaism?

From History.com. Take a brief look at Judaism as a religion and learn about its history.

Learn about Judaism

Who is a Jew?

From the Jewish Virtual Library. Learn about the Jewish religion, culture, and ethnicity.

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Timeline of the Holocaust

From the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. A good resource for those who need a basic understanding of the Holocaust.

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US Survey on Antisemitism and Holocaust Knowledge

From the Claims Conference. This survey focuses on knowledge of antisemitism and the Holocaust amongst Millennials and Gen Z.

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What can I do to help?

From the ADL. Learn about the steps you can take to combat antisemitism.

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Natan Sharanksy’s 3Ds of Antisemitism

Learn about the difference between criticism of Israel and antisemitism.

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